The gliders of Fayence-AAPCA

1st Club de France in the FFVP ranking

Your NESTOR account

Drivers registered with the AAPCA have access to Nestor AAPCA                                         

NESTOR (new organized processing space) gives access to your personal space

You will now have access to:
    • Your personal file,
    • Your personal account
    • Your flights made in Fayence since 2002
You can
    • View your activity in the form of a graph,
    • To share your intentions of coming to the Club,
    • Control your administrative, regulatory, local requirements.
And…. pay online via the Internet and the savings bank.

Important reminder: in Nestor, pilots must:

    • have expressed their intention to come before the briefing.

    • Have verified to fulfill all administrative and regulatory obligations (experience, medical visit

    • Have a credit account of at least 100 euros.

To be entitled to register at the briefing with an intention to fly as glider pilot.

Payment CB-Online payment

You consult your flight log, your administrative and financial information via the heading “my account….”. You can now feed your AAPCA account via the “Payment” button.

  • From this moment you are in contact with the secure payment service of the savings bank.
  • The Club will never know the information about your payment method and so you can use this service with confidence.
  • The secretariat will update your account upon receipt of information.
  • You will see this update with the 24h shift of the situation searchable on the web

NB: Remember that the exchange of information is encrypted throughout the process.