The gliders of Fayence-AAPCA

1st Club de France in the FFVP ranking

To the silver badge (50 km)

The Silver Badge is the finalization of the SPL patent (European Glider pilot patent.)

It materializes a cros country flight which no longer lies in the immediate vicinity of the aerodrome, and which may require a landing outside the starting area.

It assumes a good control of the flight and the landing, a recognition of the course to be undertaken in double order, and a ground recognition of fields or terrain or a glider can be posed in safety. For the club of Fayence, the Silver Badge is a circuit of 100 km up to Cordoeil to try (and succeed) your first solo circuit of 50 km, you will fly on the countryside. Off, to be allowed to fly on the campaign, you need CONDITIONS that you do not fill. (see below the conditions for flight authorization on the campaign.) This simply means that each of your 50 Km flight attempts or reiterations will have an authorization for the flight day on the campaign. It is simply the mission order duly signed by the instructor who runs the circuit briefing. To get his flight authorization on the campaign. • Glider pilot Patent + 5-hour test. • 50 minimum solo flight hours. • Have followed 10 hours of double-order instruction conducted under the guidance of a qualified instructor, including at least eight hours of field-trip flight in a minimum of three flights. • Have carried out a field landing training and a dual-control landing at a different location from the starting point during the “campaign” training. • Have carried out as a single pilot on board at least 2 field circuits with a turning point located at least 50 Km from the Take-off field (point “Cordeuil”, near the village of Argens). Here you will find a practical data guide to pass the Silver Badge test.

Next training  50 Km: (Silver Badge preparation)

Internship N ° 12 (19 to 23 March)-50 km
  • Framing: KTZ, JYB, MGN
  • Trainees: Remy Roquette, Nicolas Samson, Nader Fahm