The gliders of Fayence-AAPCA

1st Club de France in the FFVP ranking

French Sceneries for simulator Condor2 ©

The AAPCA has developed a CONDOR 2 educational scene for the Western Alps (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy). This scene belongs to the AAPCA (®, ©) and can only be distributed by the links below. It is mainly dedicated to the simulators of clubs for the start school and the campaign flight on the Alps. But it can be used for personal purposes.



Scenery Files

Here are the files to download and then to unzip in the directory landscape of Condor 2:

  1. Main files of Scene AAW: Main (V0.8)
  2. Textures files 1 of 5
  3. Texture Files 2 of 5
  4. Texture Files 3 of 5
  5. Texture Files 4 of 5
  6. Texture Files 5 of 5

The uncompressed scene weighs about 25 GB.


Flight plans

Educational situation to place in the directory of installation Condor > Flightplans

⇒ Caveat: This scene is only a training tool.

The designer warns that no information can be used for the actual flight. Its responsibility cannot be committed for the reliability and accuracy of the information contained.