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The aerodrome of Fayence Tourrettes

The birth of the aerodrome of Fayence takes place by decree of, signed by the President of the Republic Gaston Doumergue and the Minister of War André Maginot. They declare the acquisition of several parcels of land for the purpose of the development of an aerodrome in Fayence of public utility. Taking possession of these parcels is declared an emergency. TheThe 46 owners signed their bill of sale. In June 1931 then in April and October 1932, four other owners completed the acquisition by the state of the aerodrome of Fayence and it is in winter 1934 that the airfield is operational. The, a new decree ordered the purchase of new land in the commune of Tourrettes, for the purpose of enlarging the land. TheThe air base known as the Regional Aeronautical Observation Group No. 548 (GAO 548) is located in the commune of Fayence. With the observation planes ANF the Mures, the pilots had the task of photographing and establishing landmarks on the Southern Alps for the general Staff. At the declaration of war with Germany in 1939, the GAO 548 (Aerial observation Group) was transferred immediately to Alsace. A fighter squadron from the air Base 102 Dijon-Longvic replaced the GAO. They did not stay long in Fayence because the terrain too short was not suitable for these fast planes. Between 1940 and 1944 the Land of Fayence-Tourrettes was successively occupied by the Italians and the Germans and it was only released by the GI. At the end of the war, the Vélivoles Nice opted for Fayence, as they were driven out of the Nice airport reserved for commercial aviation. In 1946 the Vélivoles Cannes were expelled from the Cannes-Mandelieu airport reserved for motor planes. The state assigned them the unused military terrain of Fayence-Tourrettes and the Fayence-Tourrettes airfield became the reference platform for Vélivoles Azuréens. Since 1977, the aerodrome has been administered by the Joint Union for the Development and operation of the Fayence-Tourrettes gliding Centre, which delegates to the AAPCA the development, maintenance and operation of the terrain1. The A. PAC is a vélivoles association, the terrain is reserved for the practice of gliding and the airfield has become the first European Flight Centre in Voile2. It generates, as such, a part of the tourist activity of the municipality and the region, in the reception of French and European users.

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Prefectural order, zoning Plan, guidelines and permanent parking agreement

Prefectural Order No. 2011-98
Judgment prefectoral N0 2014-56
Operating instructions for the platform applicable to May 1, 2015
Permanent Aircraft Parking Agreement


Mixed Union gliding-collection of texts


Creation of the joint Union for the Development and operation of the Fayence-Tourrettes gliding Centre by prefectural Order of 1967 and Union status of 1977: Since January 2015, it is formed between:

  • The General Council of the Var
  • The community of municipalities of the country of Fayence
  • The town of Fayence
  • The town of Tourrettes


  • The popularization and democratization of gliding,
  • The creation of a pilot school for schools in the department,
  • The creation of a shelter and reception centre designed to allow the expansion of this sport in the form of internships,
  • Obtaining a public tooling concession with a priority privilege granted for the exercise of the gliding flight on the aerodrome.
  • 2006 Transfer of domain purposes from the state to the Joint Union


The joint Union is administered by a committee composed of delegates elected by the member communities, at the rate of:

  • 2 for the General Council of the Var
  • 2 for the community of municipalities in the country of Fayence
  • 2 for the municipality of Fayence
  • 2 for the municipality of Tourrettes
  • By agreement signed with the minister responsible for civil Aviation on 26 December 2006, and in accordance with Act No. 2004-809 of 13 August 2004, the joint union became the owner, as from 31 December 2006, of the right-of-way of the aerodrome and of the buildings and Equipment detailed in annex IV to the said Convention.
  • By treaty signed on 16 November 2006, the Committee approved the subcontracting Treaty to the A.A.P.C.A. The development, maintenance and operation of all the grounds, excluding the plots dedicated to the practice of football and the public dump, of all the infrastructure and all the buildings, except the restaurant.
  • The plot formerly football stadium is now dedicated to a BMX stadium.
  • As part of a commercial lease, the joint union rented the restaurant from January 1, 2007.
  • September 2010: Renewal of the AAPCA as third party manager of the Platform for a period of 15 years (DGAC approval).
  • 29 August 2011: Publication of the prefectural decree 2011-98 laying down the new rules on safety and use of the platform.
  • 8 August 2014: Issuance of the Prefectural Decree 2014-56 amending the zoning plan.

DGAC approval of 30 September 2010

Convention State SM 2006 transfer of assets and skills to the aerodrome of Fayence

S/SM/AAPCA Management Treaty