The gliders of Fayence-AAPCA

1st Club de France in the FFVP ranking

Organization of the day of the gliders of Fayence

9:00 Assignments Machines then 9:30 briefing safety, weather, and Machine Distribution
See the requirements to participate in the briefing as a glider pilot
See PDF: 2013_FLASH_Briefing
10:00 Signature of Mission orders campaign and staging
Important note:
  1. At AAPCA, you must always apply for prior authorization for a day’s flight on the campaign, with a specific goal to achieve.
  2. This authorization is documented on a mission order duly signed at the end of the briefing by the chief pilot of the day who is leading the briefing.
  3. This authorization must mention the name of an other pilot with which you commit to a reciprocal help in case of outlanding.
  4. It must be available to the starter when the glider takes off.
10:30 Start of towing
17:30 Cleaning Machine and storage
18:30 Celebration of the day at the Club Terrace